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Clubs & After School Programs

Fitness & Sports Club

Mr. Brown

Fitness class, learning different techniques and exercises to for better physical fitness and health. Club Advisor, Mr. Brown

GSA- Genders Sexualities Alliance

Ms. P & Ms. Russell

Is a student-led and student-organized school clubs that aim to create a safe, welcoming, and accepting school environment for all youth, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identityClub Advisors, Ms. P & Ms. Russell

Drama, Poetry, & the Arts Club

Ms. Reid-Howell

A club for those who have an interest in or enjoy acting, poetry and the arts. Club Advisor, Ms. Reid-Howell

Video Game Club

Mr. Goss

Social gathering of Students and Staff who are Gamers or want to be gamers. Tips, Tricks and tournaments included. Club Advisor, Mr. Goss

National Honor Society (NHS)

Ms. Barrett & Ms. Romero

A national organization for high schoolers to promote leadership, service, character, and scholarship. Club Advisors: Ms. Barrett & Ms. Romero

Cooking Club

Mrs. McLaren

Step by step instruction on how to make delicious snacks and treats and increase culinary skills. Club Advisor, Mrs. McLaren


Girl Talk & Pretty Brown Girls

Ms. Madera & Ms. Rodriguez

Female empowerment & Unity. Club Advisors: Ms. Madera & Ms. Rodriguez

T&P Equity Squad

Ms. Portal & Ms. Acevedo

Is a space to amplify student voice and position students as advocates for solutions to various inequalities. Club Advisors, Ms. Portal & Ms. Acevedo

Chess Club

Mr. Rodriguez & Mr. Giordano

A Club for those who want to Learn or Love to Play Chess. Club Advisors, Mr. Rodriguez & Alfonso


My Brother's Keeper (MBK)

Mr. Ruiz & Ms. Nunez

Empowerment, skills, and leadership building. When in person it also includes a mentorship program between some of our Male T&P High School and Middle School students.  Club Advisors, Mr. Ruiz & Ms. Nunez

Bring Change to Mind

Ms. Royce & Ms. Perez

Social Emotional group where students can express themselves and discuss topics of interest as well as topics of Mental Health and Positive Relationships. Club Advisors, Ms. Royce & Ms. Perez